What is Monero, And how to get started with it on Linux!

Monero, also known as XMR, is a secure, Decentralized, fungible Cryptocurrency. Monero is focused on privacy; and being resistant to censorship. Unlike Bitcoin and some other mainstream cryptocurrencies that store all transactions in a public ledger that can be easily viewed by anyone, Monero transactions are untraceable and anonymous! XMR uses Stealth Addresses*, Ring Signatures**,Continue reading “What is Monero, And how to get started with it on Linux!”

An Open Letter to Mobile Linux Hardware and OS creators

*Article has had a few revisions since initial publishing after reader feedback, noted with a ‘*’ * Ahh, Mobile Linux, a great step to Linux being used more and more by everyday people!At least, it should be. 2020 brought us a lot of things, not much of which was good. One thing we got thatContinue reading “An Open Letter to Mobile Linux Hardware and OS creators”

PineTime SmartWatch and Infinitime 1.2.0 Current impression and progress report.

Recently, I received my PineTime SmartWatch from Pine64, pre-loaded with Infinitime v1.0.0. My first thought was “Wow, I’m wearing a watch and it’s not 2010”. My second thought was “What can a SmartWatch that costs $26.99 actually do?”. I should note here that $26.99 is the Community price, and is likely to go up toContinue reading “PineTime SmartWatch and Infinitime 1.2.0 Current impression and progress report.”

Installing The Sims 4 on Linux

This tutorial is dedicated to my wife, so she’ll stop asking me how to do this and because I’m a helpful Linux-nerd haha. So, For knowledge going in, I did all of this on Fedora 34, on an AMD laptop. The easiest way I found to install The Sims 4, or any game that requiresContinue reading “Installing The Sims 4 on Linux”

Why’re you still using Windows??

I’ve been using Linux since 2013, the year I started College. I first heard of Linux in highschool when I noticed one of my teachers running.. something on his computer that I didn’t recognize. It wasn’t Windows, that’s for sure. I asked him and he said he was running Linux on his laptop, but didn’tContinue reading “Why’re you still using Windows??”

Installing Mobian on the Pinephone. A Guide and Review

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my guide / review of Installing Mobian on the Pinephone! The process we’re going to follow is going to be pretty much the same as we did to try out Manjaro Phosh beta 10 ( https://fossingularity.com/2021/05/31/installing-manjaro-phosh-beta-10-on-the-pinephone/ ). Grab – An SD card A USB C cord A copy ofContinue reading “Installing Mobian on the Pinephone. A Guide and Review”

Installing Manjaro Plasma Beta 5 on The Pinephone

How does Plasma currently stack up against the competition? Honestly? Pretty well. Plasma’s UI is still a piece of beauty to behold in the world of open source UIs for mobile Linux. Window-display is still slightly buggy, but rotating your phone to landscape and back is generally good enough to fix this. The installation processContinue reading “Installing Manjaro Plasma Beta 5 on The Pinephone”

ExpidusOS Test release 1 Pinephone Review

EpidusOS is a new cross-platform Linux OS forked from Void Linux, currently equipped with the XFCE desktop, brought to us by Midstall Software. ExpidusOS Homepage – https://expidusos.com/ ExpidusOS Github – https://github.com/ExpidusOS Midstall Software website – https://www.midstall.com/ A Work in Progress – ExpidusOS presents a refreshing break from the usual three desktop environments present on mobileContinue reading “ExpidusOS Test release 1 Pinephone Review”

A look at the Pine64 Pinephone dock internals

Hey everyone! If you’re like me at all, you’re curious about the internal workings of every piece of tech you see. That’s why I decided to open the Pine dock to see if it had any modification potential. As a preface, I am not responsible for any damage you cause to yourself or your tools.Continue reading “A look at the Pine64 Pinephone dock internals”