Bi-Weekly Indie-Dev Sales & Recognition Contest

Rules and Details:

Every Sunday on the second and fourth week of each month, I will select a winner from all the entrants for that two-week period, using .

I will only spin it once, and will record and post the spin for everyone to see.

I will purchase the game myself.

I will review your game (unless requested otherwise, DM if needed) On here, and on a twitter thread as well (more visibility)

So don’t worry about giving out keys or anything!

Of course, if your game is free, you are still equally welcome to enter!

Limited to non-pornographic games only.

Rules of entry:

As I am sadly not made of money (I wish) for your game to be eligible, it must cost $20 USD or less (or equivalent in your local currency).

You must be a current follower, new followers are welcome to enter as well.

You must be an Indie-Studio with 15 or fewer employees,

OR an Indie / Solo Dev.

Entrees are to be submitted from the day after the last drawing, to the day before the next drawing. (I will need time to type entrants into the wheel.)

Eligible Platforms:





To enter, DM on Twitter, or email

(will create a better entry system in the future.)

Contest will begin November the 13th.

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