A look at the Pine64 Pinephone dock internals

Hey everyone! If you’re like me at all, you’re curious about the internal workings of every piece of tech you see. That’s why I decided to open the Pine dock to see if it had any modification potential. As a preface, I am not responsible for any damage you cause to yourself or your tools.Continue reading “A look at the Pine64 Pinephone dock internals”

Installing Manjaro Phosh Beta 10 on The Pinephone

The good the bad, and the installation process. To do this, you’re going to want to grab five things. A USB-C cord to plug your phone into your computer A Micro SD card that’s at least 8gb A copy of Jumpdrive from – https://github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/Jumpdrive/releases A copy of BalenaEtcher from – https://www.balena.io/etcher/ A copy of ManjaroContinue reading “Installing Manjaro Phosh Beta 10 on The Pinephone”

I’m new to Linux, where are my apps for ___? A Guide for Windows 10 and OS X Converts

Well first of all, welcome! We’re glad to have you! Let’s get you setup with all the software you’re used to using on Window and OS X, and Some Free and Beautiful Competitors to what you’re used to. Web Browsers – Google Chrome: Google Chrome is that thing you use Microsoft Edge one time toContinue reading “I’m new to Linux, where are my apps for ___? A Guide for Windows 10 and OS X Converts”

How to create a game or app for Mobile Linux using G Develop 5

To start off, you are going to want to have a project folder to make a build from, ready to go in G Develop. I already had a test build of a project I’d been working on ready, but you can always test this with one of G Develops sample projects they provide. Now let’sContinue reading “How to create a game or app for Mobile Linux using G Develop 5”

What (non)Linux users need in a Phone

A road-map to building a third Mobile OS ecosystem in 2021 “Hey, you know there’s options other than just iPhone and Android now, right?” If you’re the proud owner of a Librem 5 from Purism or the Pinephone from Pine64, there’s a decent chance you’ve (pre-emptively) bragged to your friends and family about this wonderfulContinue reading “What (non)Linux users need in a Phone”

Potential Phosh Improvements:

With the upcoming and much anticipated release of the Pinephone Keyboard right around the corner, I’ve become increasingly aware of an issue with the Phosh UI that’s going to slightly mar the user experience: The Top and Bottom Bars!! While some applications will fullscreen automatically or have easily accesable settings for going Fullscreen, many Don’t.Continue reading “Potential Phosh Improvements:”

Best Arm64/Aarch64 Apps that run well-to-great on The Pine64 Pinephone

Note: Apps tested on Pinephone Community Edition 32gb/3gb ram running Manjaro Arm with latest updates as of 5/28/21 Preinstalled Apps were generally not mentioned as you will be aware of their existence simply by using your phone. Warpinator – https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.x.Warpinator Warpinator is used to send files between devices connected to the same wifi network, runningContinue reading “Best Arm64/Aarch64 Apps that run well-to-great on The Pine64 Pinephone”