Who am I:

Hey Everyone! Thanks for reading on FOSSingularity!

My name is Cara Oswin. I’m the Owner, Administrator, and Head Writer for FOSSingularity!

I’m a Linux enthusiast and game developer! I also actively engage with other developers online about bringing their games to Linux-based OS’s!

I’m originally from Canada and currently reside in New York State with my Wife and Girlfriend.

My interests and hobbies include Bash scripting, Game development, TTRPG’s, TCG’s, and watching nerdy stuff on YouTube.

You can usually find me tinkering in my office with a dissembled piece of tech on the workbench and a soldering iron in hand; Or leaned over my computer monitor designing scripts and game assets for my projects.

I run Ubuntu 20.04 LTS all of my computers. AMD64 and ARM64 fangirl!

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