An Updated Guide On Making games for The PinePhone with G Develop 5

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I’ve learned a lot about manual compilation since my last guide concerning making games for the PinePhone with G Develop 5, and as such, this it’s time to give you all an updated guide, on how you can package your G Develop 5 games for Mobile Linux.

We are still going to focus on AppImages for now, since that doesn’t really require you to learn about modifying the Package.json file, to have your game build correctly. Meaning that this guide should be relatively pain-free for people who just want to build their games in an engine, and have minimal Terminal Time


– An Arm64 device to do your build on. (while cross-compilation is possible, it’s not a super noob-friendly path to take)

– An archive-management program to compress your exported game files for transfer to your Arm64 computer.

– A program such as Warpinator, installed on both the computer you’re transferring from, and the one you’re transferring to.

On your Arm64 Device, ensure that you install the following:

snapcraft –classic







Getting started:

In G Develop 5, you need toexport your game as a project folder, do do this, go to: Export → Windows/MacOS/Linux(Manuel) and create a new folder for these files to go into, I recommend on your desktop or documents so they’re easy to find.

The Fun Part:

With a program like Ark, compress the folder G Develop 5 exported to, to a .zip or .targz

Once it’s compressed, send it over to your Arm64 Device; I use a program with an easy to use GUI called Warpinator, but you can also just send via Telegram, or ssh if you’re more tech savy.

On your Arm64 Deveice, download the transferred archive, and extract it; again, somewhere easy to find like Documents or Desktop.

Once everything is extracted:

Either via your filemanager, or directly in the Terminal itself, open the directory in the Terminal.

With ls , you should see ‘app’ ‘buildResources’ ‘node_modules’ ‘main.js’ and ‘package.json’

Awesome, we’re almost done!

Run the following command(s), and wait:

yarn && yarn build

if it complains, first run

npm fund

and try again.

That’s it for now everyone! I hope to show y’all even more ways to build your games for Mobile Linux soon!

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I write about Linux Software and devices. My hobbies include writing, DnD, reading, playing videogames, and chugging energy drinks to pump out code and articles!

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