A guide to Installing Waydroid on Manjaro Phosh Beta 15

image borrowed from https://docs.waydro.id/

Waydroid, Anbox’s more well-developed cousin is out now and being added to many distros official repositories slowly.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely familiar with what Waydroid is, but it’s essentially LinageOS, a de-googled android image based on AOSP, in a container.

While this sounds very similar to preexisting solutions like Anbox, Waydroid has some new tricks up its sleeve, such as full android app-integration into the standard Phosh / Plasma launcher! (A must in my humble opinion if we hope to convert Android / iOS users who rely on certain applications like banking apps and bus-fare apps which may never see a Linux release)*

  • Correction, Waydroid does *not* yet integrate into Phosh on all DE’s

Step 1) Uninstall anbox/ install prereqs:

install lxc:

sudo pacman -S lxc

remove anbox:

sudo pacman -R anbox-image-aarch64


sudo pacman -R anbox


2) Install waydroid

sudo pamac install waydroid


This will take quite awhile to finish, be patient.

3) Edit boot.txt

cd /boot

sudo nano boot.txt

navigate the cursor to right after ‘loglevel=4’ and copy-paste:


Make sure there is one space between ‘loglevel=4’, and this command, and one space after the new line. Do not create this as a new line; This was the cause of a lot of headache for me.

still in /boot, run

sudo ./mkscr


4) Start it!

sudo waydroid-start

The terminal will spit out a lot of what appear to be errors, but it’s fine.

On first-boot, Waydroid may take up to ten minutes to fully boot. This is normal and will likely improve with time.

And yeah, that’s it everyone! I hope y’all found this guide helpful! sorry for the lack of pictures this time round, I didn’t think of it till after the fact sadly.

Edit: you may (probably) have to restart Waydroid a few times till you get a smooth boot:

sudo waydroid-stop


sudo waydroid-start


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