PineTime SmartWatch and Infinitime 1.2.0 Current impression and progress report.

Recently, I received my PineTime SmartWatch from Pine64, pre-loaded with Infinitime v1.0.0. My first thought was “Wow, I’m wearing a watch and it’s not 2010”.

My second thought was “What can a SmartWatch that costs $26.99 actually do?”. I should note here that $26.99 is the Community price, and is likely to go up to $29.99 in the future.

Being aware that a new version of Infinitime, the OS that came pre-loaded, had an update to v1.1.0 available when I received my watch, I didn’t explore v1.0.0 for too long.

What I do remember being included was:

– An ‘analogue’ or Digital watch face available as options.

– A heart rate monitor app

– A timer app

-A step counter app

– A simple ‘pong’ game with one paddle

– A teeny-tiny 2048 game (I love this)

– A Music Playback Control app to play, pause, go forward, and go-back in the current track playing on your phone.

– A Maps / Navigation app. I have been unable to figure out how to use this yet.

-A ‘Paint’ app. Very cute.

– A ‘Flashlight’ app. IE: set the watch to maximum brightness. Surprisingly effective once your eyes adjust.

– ‘Steps’ option in settings to set a goal.

– ‘Firmware’ option in settings to see current version and validate or rollback a recently installed update.

– ‘About’ option in settings to more expansive details about your watch.

– ‘Time Format’ options in settings to choose 12 or 24 hour format for the watch faces.

– ‘Display’ option to set a time-out for the displays power.

– ‘Wake Up’ option to choose how and when your watch ‘wakes up’ IE: None (hit button), Single Tap, Double Tap, and Raise Wrist.

  • ‘Flashlight’ raises the brightness to 100% on the led screen, works okay.

The updated 1.2.0 version kept all of this, and added two new things:

a ‘Metronome’ app that took me waaaaay to long to figure out how to use. ( I had the watch ‘muted’, so it wasn’t vibrating how it was supposed to.).

and a Motion Sensor and step tracker app; which according to the GitHub site “displays the number of steps and the state of the motion sensor in real-time”. It does indeed do this, It also looks very interesting to boot.

My experience with the watch so far:

I mainly use this watch as, well, a watch. And it does its job well and reliably.

The battery time on this watch is impressive to boot! I kinda maybe lost mine for about a week, and when `I found it again, it still had 50% battery life! Pretty good I’d say.

I pair my watch with Amazfish on Manjaro Arm Plasma to set the time, and it’s.. okay.

Pairing and unpairing could be more stable, but one should bear in mind, this project is in active development, and improvements will come at some point down the line.

The Music playback control app on the watch works well with Vwave when paired correctly, as does tracking your heart-rate on your phone through Amazfish, as long as you launched the heart-rate tracker on the watch first.

Here’s some extra pictures for ya’ll too!

All in all

I really like this watch! It’s impressive to see what open-source communities can accomplish with projects like these, and the development team seems to be pretty active working on improvements and fixes.

If you are considering getting a fitbit, or any other budget watch, I would definitely give the Pine64 Pinetime watch a look as an affordable option!

You can find Infinitime here:

And you can buy a Pinetime watch of your own, here:

Hope ya’ll enjoyed reading this!

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