Installing The Sims 4 on Linux

Behold EAs Origin Launcher, running on Linux. Something I’m sure irritates EA lol

This tutorial is dedicated to my wife, so she’ll stop asking me how to do this and because I’m a helpful Linux-nerd haha.

So, For knowledge going in, I did all of this on Fedora 34, on an AMD laptop.

The easiest way I found to install The Sims 4, or any game that requires EA’s Origin Launcher, is to use a program called Lutris.

For those familiar with Linux, you’ll possibly be aware that Lutris is a Unifying game launcher for Linux OS’s that takes games and makes them much easier to install with streamlined installers made and maintained by community members. Lutris can install games from Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Native Linux Titles, and various Windows games with WINE.

We are going to visit:

and follow the instructions for the Linux distro you’re running.

For example, since im on Fedora 34, I ran:

sudo dnf install lutris

and followed the in-terminal prompts.

When everything in the Terminal turned out the ‘All Done!’, I went and launched Lutris from the App-Grid in Gnome (Or, if you don’t know what that means, hit the ‘windows’ key and type Lutris and click the Otter Icon).


Hovering your mouse over the ‘Lutris’ ‘GOG’ or ‘Humble Bundle’ buttons on the left, shows you an icon to click to log-in to each of those services.

I logged into Lutris, clicked on the ‘Lutris’ tab again, and searched ‘The Sims 4’ in the ‘Community Installers’ Tab.

Only one option will appear, which makes it easy for y’all to know which one to click.

I clicked ‘The Sims 4’ and than selected ‘Origin’ from the available installers, because that’s where we purchased it from.

Follow all the on-screen prompts, and Origin’s Login screen will eventually pop-up, login, and click ‘The Sims 4’ in your games, than ‘Install’ and finish installing the game through Origin. This may take awhile depending on how many game add-ons you have. The add-ons all automatically downloaded for me.

Starting a new game and the ‘Tutorial’ option, all the graphics looked great, and the audio came out my speakers with no glitching or lagging. 100/100 Stars to the creator of Lutris, Mathieu Comandon, for making such a useful tool for Linux users, especially one this user-friendly!

So, while this article wasn’t very long, I think that’s actually a good thing, as it reflects how little trouble I had doing this!

If you are new to Linux and were searching for how to add your favorite game, The Sims 4 to it, I hope I helped! Happy gaming.

Published by Cara Oswin

I write about Linux Software and devices. My hobbies include writing, DnD, reading, playing videogames, and chugging energy drinks to pump out code and articles!

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