ExpidusOS Test release 1 Pinephone Review

EpidusOS is a new cross-platform Linux OS forked from Void Linux, currently equipped with the XFCE desktop, brought to us by Midstall Software.

ExpidusOS Homepage –


ExpidusOS Github –


Midstall Software website –


A Work in Progress –

ExpidusOS presents a refreshing break from the usual three desktop environments present on mobile Linux builds (Phosh, Plasma, and Lomiri).

*Their take on adapting XFCE to a mobile phone display doesn’t try and force a mobile UI onto a traditionaly non-mobile OS, but instead seems to be focused on making as many elements of the traditional desktop UI work with touch. And they’re making decent progress.

*EDIT – Thinking Midstall was working to make XFCE more mobile-like was a misconception, Midstall is actively working on Release 2 set to release in august with a re-vamped UI

The Boot –

The boot time was maybe twenty seconds..? It didn’t take very long until I was greeted by a very familiar-looking desktop.

The UI –

I began by trying to touch as many things on the screen as I could think to, to see what would respond and what wouldn’t

Touching and holding to highlight elements kind-of worked.

Drawing a target-selection window with touch

Touching Icons to switch around did not however, so I grabbed my faithful Pinedock to connect a wireless USB mouse/keyboard to the phone to continue.

Upon further exploration, I saw a lot of familiar looking default applications listed. Clicking them to launch, again, kind-of worked.

The window-manager showed they had been launched and were running, but attempting to click them and interact with them further failed.

I looked around a little more to make sure there wasn’t anything else I’d inadvertantly missed, satisfied, I went to power it down, and did not find a way to via the OS, not that that’s particularly important in a test build, just a note.

So Yeah –

I hope everyone found this interesting, stay tuned for more reviews!

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I write about Linux Software and devices. My hobbies include writing, DnD, reading, playing videogames, and chugging energy drinks to pump out code and articles!

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