Installing Manjaro Phosh Beta 10 on The Pinephone

The good the bad, and the installation process.

To do this, you’re going to want to grab five things.

A USB-C cord to plug your phone into your computer

A Micro SD card that’s at least 8gb

A copy of Jumpdrive from –

A copy of BalenaEtcher from –

A copy of Manjaro Phosh Beta 10 for the Pinephone from –

Now, let’s Begin

Once you have all your downloads ready, extract everything and de-compress those ISOs!

Now, start up BalenaEtcher, and Flash that Jumpdrive ISO to your micro SD card.

Once that’s done, which it will be quickly, take that SD card and put it in your Pinephone. If your phone is already on, restart it with the SD card inserted.

Now, plug your rebooted phone into your PC via that USB C cord.

Go back into BalenaEtcher again, and flash your Manjaro Phosh Beta 10 iso to your Pinephone. It’s the ‘emmc’ option, in case you do not know.

This is going to take awhile. Once it’s started, go do something for like, 10 minutes and let it flash.

When you’ve returned and it’s finished, unplug your phone, remove the SD card, and battery. Re-insert the battery, put your back cover back on and turn it on.

On its first boot, things are going to take a few minutes to start up and show you a GUI, that’s normal, just wait.

The default password is 123456

New things in Beta 10 –

There’s now a software store that’s optimized for mobile, scrolling works well vs the last few Betas


As of 5/31/21, the day I tested this;

Installing many things such as Warpinator from here, or even from Terminal results in a

‘Package PGP signature error’ when trying to install things.

If and when I figure out *why* I’ll update this article.

For now though, i’d have to recommend you stick with Beta 9 if you prefer more stability.


After re-downloading the image and re-flashing it, I have not gotten the ‘PGP signature error”

As a prerequisite for a lot of apps to scale correctly, you will need to run –

gsettings set sm.puri.phoc scale-to-fit true

to scale everything correctly for you.

Installing flatpak support worked ( sudo pamac install flatpak )

Installing snap support and the Snap Store worked –

sudo pacman -S snapd
sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket
sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
sudo snap install snap-store

Installing AppImageLauncher for easier AppImage integration also worked –

sudo pamac install appimagelauncher

sudo pacman -S appimagelauncher

So yeah

In conclusion, everything seems to work well! I was able to copy all my music over, login to telegram, and setup all the dependencies I needed, I would definitely recommend updating, just be advised you get a bad flash sometimes.

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I write about Linux Software and devices. My hobbies include writing, DnD, reading, playing videogames, and chugging energy drinks to pump out code and articles!

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