How to create a game or app for Mobile Linux using G Develop 5

To start off, you are going to want to have a project folder to make a build from, ready to go in G Develop. I already had a test build of a project I’d been working on ready, but you can always test this with one of G Develops sample projects they provide.

Now let’s get into it.

In the top-left of G Develops interface, we’re going to click on ‘File’

Than click on ‘Export(web,ios,android)’

Now in this pop-up box, click on ‘Windows/macOS/Linux(manual)’

Choose a folder to export to. You should create a folder specifically for this, I recommend placing it in Documents / Projectnamehere

You’re finished in G Develop now.

Navigate to your project directory in the terminal, or go to the project folder where G Develop placed the project assets and right-click→Open in Terminal

Now that you’re in the terminal, and in the correct directory, you are going to enter your first command:

yarn && yarn build

Wait for this to finish and enter the second command:

yarn build -l AppImage –arm64

Once this has finished, your project is built! Check the directory with your file browser to verify, and copy the project to your phone, I used a program called Warpinator which transferred the file over the WiFi in about 40 seconds.

Now, on your phone, in the terminal, you’re going to navigate to where your project was downloaded to. If you opt for Warpinator, it will be in Home / Warpinator.

Once in the directory where your project file is, you will run:


replace ‘Project’ with whatever your game or app is called.

This took about 30 seconds on my Pinephone for it to launch, but launch it did, and ran quite well once it loaded.

So yeah, that’s it for this tutorial, happy Developing!

*Edit: you should also install AppImageLauncher so your app or game appears in the app launcher.

sudo pamac install appimagelauncher

Here’s my project running as an AppImage on Manjaro Arm Phosh!

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