Potential Phosh Improvements:

With the upcoming and much anticipated release of the Pinephone Keyboard right around the corner, I’ve become increasingly aware of an issue with the Phosh UI that’s going to slightly mar the user experience:

The Top and Bottom Bars!!

While some applications will fullscreen automatically or have easily accesable settings for going Fullscreen, many Don’t. An aditional semi-hidden button on the bottom bar in the empty spaced in the left could serve to place a circle, hold it for about three seconds, and it’ll pull up ‘Fullscreen’ and ‘exit Fullscreen’ hide it when in fullscrren mode, but set a register to acknowledge ‘oh hey, user has had touch on x=__/y=___ for 3 seconds, pull up Circles options. While I could have worded that less scattered-ly, you can likely still envision it.

Predictive Text input / Autocorrect option in Settings!!!

I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to not rely on ai to catch your typos in 2021.

gsettings set sm.puri.phoc scale-to-fit true

This is the command you need to enter to make many apps usable on the Pinephone display, and for some reason, it’s not set to ‘true’ by default.

So yeah, while i’m not a developer for Phosh or its UI, I forsee other people becoming increasingly annoyed with the bars being so persistent once they’ve used the keyboard awhile. None of this is meant as a put-down on the Phosh dev teams work, what they’ve made so far is very usable, and I look forward to it getting even better in the future!

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