Best Arm64/Aarch64 Apps that run well-to-great on The Pine64 Pinephone

Note: Apps tested on Pinephone Community Edition 32gb/3gb ram running Manjaro Arm with latest updates as of 5/28/21 Preinstalled Apps were generally not mentioned as you will be aware of their existence simply by using your phone.

Warpinator –

Warpinator is used to send files between devices connected to the same wifi network, running Warpinator. I tested this between Fedora 34 and Manjaro Arm on a 5ghz WiFi connection with a 4.5mb file and it transferred almost instantly.

Maui Apps –

A collection of apps that all run well on Pinephone and could replace a few of the pre-installed utilities on many mobile Linux distros

Firefox –

The Postmarket OS version of Firefox has been optimized for mobile Linux and runs smoothly compared to some other web browsers available for arm Linux. YouTube playback ran well; and downloading files all worked and appeared in /Downloads. Copy-pasting text is not perfect yet, and holding text doesn’t always register a selection.

Anbox –

Anbox is pretty well known at this point among Linux users as the best way to run Android apps on Linux. The installation process varies from distro-to-distro and the documentation , as it tends to be with Linux, is spotty. Manjaro-arm has Anbox preinstalled to avoid headaches. Runs well, can launch one or two apps without having to reboot Anbox, tested Facebook, Messenger, CDTA busplus, all worked. Test builds of .apk files made with G Develop 5 all ran when installed through ADB.

Cawbird –

Cawbird Twitter Client works very well, and is actively maintained. It runs well, posting, likes, sharing, and DM’s all work. The UI could use some modernization, but that’s a personal opinion.

DevilutionX –

A re-implementation of Diablo for modern Opperating systems! Find and place the dio.dat from a Diablo download in the right directory and launch DevilutionX, and you’ll be playing OG Diablo in no time!

Dialect –

A Translation app in the vein of Google/Apple Translate. Works well as far as I can tell, and looks nice.

Geary –

An Email client, looks mildly outdated; but works well minus a few glitches with removing added email accounts.

Klotski –

un-trap the brick type game, fun, runs well, good way to kill a few minutes. Available in Software.

Lights Out –

logic game, tap all the squares till all the lights go out. Available in Software.

Lmms – DAW program, minimal testing was done, but everything seemed to run well, run with your phone docked for the best experience.

Lollipop – A music player that runs well on mobile and comes pre-installed on some distros.

Mines – A minesweeper game, available in Software.

Portfolio –

A Files app, preinstalled on many distros, works the best of all the file managers I tested.

Podcasts –

Gnome Podcasts app, the name says it all.

OpenTTD –

City tycoon game, I did not test it much because I do not know how to play it.

Snap Store –

download snaps through a gui app

Telegram –

it’s Telegram, you know what Telegram is.

Video Downloader –

Download videos or mp3’s from youtube (and also other sites I believe) worked well to add music from YouTube.

Transmission –

Torrent client

VLC Media Player –

media player, handles most file types easily.

App Image Launcher –

Integrate your AppImages into the gui, necessary on Phosh if you don’t wish to launch via terminal every time.

sudo pamac install appimagelauncher On Manjaro

Apps Author would like to see finished/ tweaked to adapt to mobile –

Steam Link – Steam Link needs an aarch64 build for general arm devices other than just RaspberryPi

Caprine – Beautiful and refined Facebook Messenger Client

needs and Arm64 cross-compiling, source is on authors github (I believe)

Emulators –

Desmume, mgba, snes9x, etx: emulators with available source/ plugin creation documentation need touchscreen button input settings/plugins added to them to make mainline linux a viable touchscreen emulation platform

Discord –

Spotify (official client/one that doesn’t require a premium account to login)

Peek – screen recorder, doesn’t currently work

zoom – app store that supports downloading games to local storage, .apk, .deb, etc

CherryDice – nice Table Top die rolling app for gamers

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